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There is history to more than just the antiques and collectibles offered at the Hyde park Antiques Center

This sprawling facility of over 9,500 square feet of antigue vendor area sits on a prominent site on Route 9 in the central corridor of Hyde Park, in Dutchess County, New York. The building is poised behind a pond on the main tourist route between two Hudson River landmarks maintained by the National Park Service - the historic Franklin D. Roosevelt Home/Presidential Library facility and the Vanderbilt Estate.

The original core building at this site dates back to the late 1700's where it was operated for years as a Stage Stop on the Post Road between New York and Albany, New York. Over the years it earned the added distinction of being the headquarters for President Roosevelt's secret service contingent.

In more modern days, this property has been a furniture store and, ultimately an Antiques showcase. For more than fifteen years it has operated as the, "Hyde Park Antiques Center", a premier Antiques Vendor Mall delighting antique dealers - along with the local and tourist populations - with an ever-changing landscape of authentic antiques and collectables from yesteryear.


Friends Of HPAC

  • Peter Albena
  • Jeff Barry
  • Debbie Benjamin
  • Mary Boshart & Edmund Haase
  • Doug Booth
  • Tangled Net Treasures
  • Raymond Butler
  • Carlo Citera
  • John Clark
  • Susan Ellis
  • Carolyn Libretti
  • Maria McCabe
  • Kevin Paige
  • Jim Rodgers
  • Rose & Lloyd Rubin
  • Jody Scaghelli
  • Arnie Serotsky
  • Rich Turner


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